The retrospective history of the Tibet A.R.

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Tibet Becomes Part of China 700 Years Ago
People's Daily, 14 May 2001. An imposing array of valuable cultural relics on display at the Sagya Monastery in Lhasa prove that Tibet became part of China in the Yuan Dynasty and has remained under the administration of the central government of China since then.
Friendly Feudalism: The Tibet Myth
By Michael Parenti, Swans, 7 July 2003. Traces the history of late feudal Tibet to show that its grim realities were quite other than the idealized image presented by the religious establishment. The moderation of communist China's gradualist policy in Tibet was eventually undercut by ruling-class led uprisings with U.S. CIA backing.
17-Article Agreement . . .
Xinhua, 22 May 2001. The 17-article agreement is the shortened version of the Agreement between the Central People's Government and the Local Government of Tibet on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet. It was signed in Beijing on May 23, 1951.
Cold warriors trespassing on the roof of the world
By Max Woodworth, Taipei Times, Sunday 12 January 2003. The tale of the CIA's involvement in Tibet has all the ingredients of a great thriller, including a grimly ironic outcome for most of the participants. Review of Into Tibet: The CIA's First Atomic Spy and His Secret Expedition to Lhasa by Thomas Laird.