The history of education in the Tibet A.R.

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Education, Major Driving Force in Tibet's Social & Economic Development
People's Daily, 29 April 2001. After Tibet was liberated, the CPC attached great importance to Tibet's education. It has invested nearly 10 billion yuan in the region's schools at various levels, which has facilitated the economic development, social progress and prosperity of the region.
University Launches Degree Exams on Tibetan Language
Xinhua, 27 April 2002. Tibet University, the leading educational institution in Tibet Autonomous Region, has introduced for the first time degree examinations on the Tibetan language.
Tibetan Students to Go to Inland Key High Schools
Xinhua, 18 August 2002. This autumn, the first batch of 360 top junior middle school graduates from Tibetan classes or schools will attend inland key senior middle schools. It will help develop Tibetan elementary education and train talented persons, who play an important role in the economic and social development of Tibet.