The history of superstition in the Xinjiang Uygur A.R.

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Mosque leaders' re-education campaign stepped up
China News Digest, 15 November 2001. Beijing has stepped up a nine-month political re-education campaign for 8,000 imams who lead mosques in Xinjiang, even as national security forces increase the pressure in their drive against the splittist movements. The September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington set off alarm bells in Beijing.
Nine Arrested in Xinjiang for Illegal Preaching
China News Digest, 22 December 2001. The arrested translated the Koran into local languages and used it to preach the separatist cause and were involved in illegal preaching more than 20 times. Families and friends of separatists and religious extremists will face criminal charges if they do not reveal their whereabouts.
Xinjiang Imams to Receive Standardized Training
China News Digest, 5 January 2002. Xinjiang's Muslim imams will receive standardized training at three institutes of Islamic classics, which will introduce students to religious topics, politics, law and technology. The aim is to enhance their prestige as community leaders, based on their advanced political and cultural understanding and knowledge of religion.