The working-class history of the Beijing Municipal District

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Hundreds Workers Stage Sit-in for Unfair Compensation
China News Digest, 16 August 2001. Over two hundred workers gathered in front of the Beijing Measuring and Cutting Tools Factory in western Beijing, protesting unfair compensation and alleging official corruption.
Public Servants Lose Another ‘Iron Rice Bowl’
Xinhua, 11 January 2002. Some 990,000 public employees in the Chinese capital will have to bid farewell to free medical service, a privilege for civil servants and a large number of employees at non-profit-making organizations over the past decades.
Retired Workers Staged Protests in Beijing
China News Digest, 28 March 2002. About two hundred retired workers protested outside the Beijing Automobile Works, complaining about their medical and other benefits. Official of the joint venture with Daimler/Chrysler have agreed to discuss with the protesters about their grievances.