The social history of the Chongqing Municipal District

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‘Stickman’ army battles for living
By Shascha Matusak, South China Morning Post, Tuesday 20 March 2001. A stickman are the countless shabbily dressed men looking for a way to make extra money. The stickmen—or bang-bang in the local dialect—are easily distinguished by their bamboo poles with which they carry anything they can, for whomever they can, for a couple of yuan a trip.
Chinese expert says new resettlement rules won't solve Three Gorges' problems
Probe International, Thursday 29 March 2001. Civil strife and corruption will continue to plague world's largest civil works project, predicts respected sociologist Dr. Wei Yi. Failure of new regulations to deal with fake migrants could become explosive problem.
Three Gorges Resettlement Protesters Detained
China News Digest, 21 July 2002. 40 petitioners who requested that the government return them to their home along the Three Gorges. In their petition, they described problems that made their life difficult: dialect barriers, shortage of farming equipment and higher cost of living.
Three Gorges Migrants Well Settled
Xinhua, 13 August 2002. China plans to move 1.13 million people out of the Three Gorges Areas, over 400,000 of whom are farmers. Analysts say the program reduces pressure on land and other resources in the dam area. 70,000 farmers will be relocated to rich areas in Shanghai, Shandong and other regions from 2000 to 2002.