The culture history of the Chongqing Municipal District

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Chinese villagers dig up tombs
BBC News Online, Friday 16 June 2000. Villagers living near China's controversial Three Gorges dam project are moving thousands of ancestral tombs which would otherwise be submerged under water. Dachang town, which is noted for its ancient buildings and exquisitely decorated tombs, has already been relocated on a hill outside the flood area.
Ancient Town to Be Moved From Three Gorges Area
Xinhua, 22 June 2001. Dachang has the largest number of ancient buildings in the Three Gorges reservoir area to be inundated when the water storage of the Three Gorges Dam starts. Chinese cultural relics protection department will launch an ambitious plan to move the whole town to a new site with a total investment of 30 million yuan (3.6 million U.S. dollars).
On-line Education Gives Pupils Equal Opportunities
Xinhua, 4 July 2002. In Yongchuan County, Chongqing Municipality, the Internet is now widely used in schools. The Internet gives students access to a high standard of teaching and information coming from across the country.