The working-class history of Anhui Province

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2,000 Riot Police Attack Peaceful Demonstration in Anhui
China Labour Bulletin, press release, 2 July 1999. A sit-in demonstration by over 2,000 workers from the Anhui Paper Manufacturing Factory. The workers gathered on Huainan's main Route 206 to protest against the factory's closure and demand that the government return to them the money they had previously been forced to invest in the company via a compulsory share-purchase scheme.
1000 Winery Workers in Anhui Protest at restructuring policies
Asian Labour News, 30 September 2004. On 2 March 2004, more than 1,000 workers, mainly ex-farmers, from the China Anhui Gujing Distillery Company Ltd, staged a public protest against recent company restructuring which had raised fears of widespread layoffs and broken pledges by management.
Dire need to improve safety and health in non state-owned enterprises
Asian Labour News, 29 September 2004. The Anhui Federation of Trade Unions has surveyed 19,587 non state-owned enterprises in 7 cities on work safety and health. 600,000 workers are employed in the enterprises.