The working-class history of Gansu Province

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Gansu labour activists sentenced
China Labour Bulletin, press release, 5 July 1999. Two labour activists and their advisor from the city of Tianshui in Gansu province have been sentenced to prison terms by the Tianshui People's Intermediate Court after being charged with subverting state power.
Lanzhou Taxi Drivers Protest Against Road Construction Fee
China News Digest, 14 March 2001. About 5,000 taxi drivers surrounded government offices in Lanzhou Tuesday, protesting against the sudden imposition of a 500 yuan Road Construction Fee.
Gansu Workers Stand Up for Their Rights
China Labour Bulletin, 23 August 2002. A telephone interview between the husband of a worker in the Yumin Ore Processing Factory and the China Labour Bulletin regarding a sit-in. Factory financial difficulties have removed jobs and there are pay arrears.
Teachers on Strike in Lanzhou, Gansu Province
China Labour Bulletin, 28 January 2004. All thirteen teachers from the Wujiayuan community-run School, previously attached to the Lanzhou No. 1 Wool Spinning Factory, went on strike for payment of several months of missing wages and for the provision of the same benefits that public school teachers have, such as medical insurance and pensions.