The contemporary political history of Guangdong Province

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Guangdong Uses New System to Pick City-Level Leaders
China News Digest, 6 April 2002. Guangdong recently filled three senior city-level posts through secret ballet vote by the provincial party committee members. Guangdong has become the first province in China requiring officials at the city-level to be endorsed by the provincial party committee through secret ballets.
Village Elections Underway in Guangdong
China News Digest, 30 April 2002. Guangdong moved its grass-root democracy a step forward when it put top village-level posts for direct elections in all villages: the posts of village chief, deputy chief and other committee members in all of its 1,161 villages.
Five More Stella Shoe Factory Workers are Sentenced to Up to Three Years
Press release, China Labour Bulletin, 16 November 2004. Imprisonment following Mass Protest in April. All five were convicted of intentional destruction of property in connection with a mass protest in late April by workers at the Xing Xiong Shoe Factory.