The working-class history of Guangdong Province

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Axed staff protest at payments by store
Hong Kong iMail, Friday 29 December 2000. An estimated 300 workers blocked a department store in Zhuhai in southern Guangdong to protest against the amount of compensation they had received on losing their jobs. They had been dismissed as part of an effort to save the debt-ridden group.
Sweating It Out
By Bruce Gilley, Far Eastern Economic Review, 10 May 2001. As consumers in the United States cry foul, an international effort to improve factory conditions at as Taiwan-owned factory tumbles in China. Social Accountability International, or SAI, designs and oversees the SA8000 factory conditions standard.
Guangzhou Karaoke Bars Have Slow Week in Vice Purge
China News Digest, 7 October 2001. Guangzhou police have been raiding karaoke bars almost nightly since the Ministry of Public Security launched on September 17 a three-month campaign to rectify entertainment industry. Karaoke bar owners and the sex workers feel the pinch. Working conditions.
Worked Till They Drop
By Philip P. Pan, The Washington Post, May 12 2002. China's more daring newspapers refer to guolaosi (over-work death), which usually applies to young workers who suddenly collapse and die after working exceedingly long hours, day after day. These deaths highlight labor conditions that are the norm for a new generation of workers in China.