The social history of Guangdong Province

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The rich get richer—in Guangdong
By Mary Kwang, The Straits Times, 18 November 2000. The affluence in the province has made its people so self-reliant that many of them do not even need bank loans to buy or renovate their homes. A group of affluent residents in the Pearl River Delta whose annual household incomes are more than three times that of an ordinary home in the province.
Mainland Income Inequality Must Be Addressed: Governor
China News Digest, 30 January 2002. The governor of China's richest province, Guangdong, has become increasingly alarmed about growing regional disparities in economic growth, and the growing gap between income levels in urban and rural areas.
Guangdong Passes New Law on Migrant Detention
China News Digest, 25 March 2002. The province of Guangdong has passed a legislation that prevents migrants to be detained for lack of residence or work permits.