The working-class history of Guangzhou

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Guangzhou Becomes Paradise of Foreign Job-seekers
Xinhua, 25 November 2001. Incomplete statistics released by the Guangzhou Municipal Labor Bureau showed, more than 10,000 foreign nationals from 60 countries and regions are working in Guangzhou.
Workers Take Wage Arrears Claim to Arbitration—Deputy Chair of their Trade Union Defends the Company Against Workers!
Nanfang Gong Bao (Southern Workers' Daily), 4 March 2002. In response to the application for arbitration over unpaid compensation wages arrears and dismissal, the company appointed the Deputy Trade Union Chairperson at the enterprise level responsible for its employees, as its representative. Consequently, the trade union official cross-examined the workers—on the company's behalf!
Guangdong eliminates ‘temporary worker’ contracts
Asian Labour News, 24 July 2004. Labour contracts will be standardised to eliminate the distinctions between ‘temporary worker’ and ‘regular worker’ contracts. In many enterprises, the contracts are different and thus a means for employers to discriminate against migrant workers.
Guangzhou government seeks to protect the legal rights of migrant workers
Asian Labour News, 24 July 2004. The Guangzhou government recently carried out a special investigation into protecting the labour rights of migrant workers. Some of the main recommendations.