The working-class history of Guizhou Province

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Hundreds of Workers Clash With Police in Southern China
AFP, 17 January 2001. Up to 1,000 workers clashed with police in southern China's Guizhou province in a dispute over unemployment compensation in a local state-run textile factory.
Demos over unpaid wages
BBC News Online, Monday 26 March 2001. About one-and-half thousand construction workers in the southern province of Guizhou blocked roads, complaining that some retired staff hadn't been paid pensions for up to a year.
Protesting retired workers block highways in Chinese city
AFP, Monday 8 April 2002. Around 1,000 retired workers from the state-owned Guiyang Steel Factory in Guiyang city began a sit-in and blocked two highways in front of the factoryin southwest China in a protest over pensions.