The economic history of Hainan Province

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Hainan Island Shifts to Green Path
By Wu Qi, IPS, 18 March 1999. The island province of Hainan has decided that a slowdown in economic development is much more welcome than full-speed ecological decline.
New Oil and Gas Reserves Found in Hainan Province
China News Digest, 26 November 2001. Vast new reserves of gas and oil were discovered in the Fushan Recess in the north of the Hainan province, the Huachang structure was estimated to contain 3.11 billion cubic meters of gas reserves, 1.55 billion of which could be exploited.
Hainan Revitalizes Economy after Bubble Burst
Xinhua, 21 October 2002. A construction binge which burst Hainan's economic bubble about six years ago, characterized by many abandoned unfinished housing schemes. Now it has turned rosy with magnificent construction projects and bridges being built and factories operating at full swing.