The social history of Hebei Province

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Farmers Jailed for Rioting Over Heavy Grain Levies
China News Digest, 15 June 2001. The eight farmers had taken part in a riot against heavy levies last September, despite poor harvests. Thousands of farmers put a local government building under siege, smashing its windows and trying to set it on fire, and turning a police car over.
North China Province to Train Laid-off Workers
Xinhua, 26 June 2001. The training plan, the second in Hebei, is part of the efforts of the local government to help laid-off workers find jobs, with the majority of them being relatively old and having low education levels. So far, some 632,000 workers laid off from local, state or collectively owned enterprises have received employment training, among them about half having found jobs.
Cover-up of Child Labor Deaths in Hebei
China Labour Bulletin, 2 March 2005. Human Rights in China (HRIC) has been informed by a source in China of a cover-up in the workplace deaths of five child and juvenile workers. The owner of a private company in Luancheng County illegally employed a number of child laborers. Due to substandard conditions in the factory dormitory, five girls were found unconscious from inhaling charcoal fumes, and he inadvertantly cremated them while alive.