The social history of Henan Province

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A province infamous for scandals
The Straits Times, 27 December 2000. The Henanese have a poor image among other Chinese in the country who see them as schemers and tricksters. Henan was slow in implementing the country's economic reforms. The calibre of the population and officials, particularly grassroots cadres, was low.
Income Index of Major Chinese Regions: Henan
China News Digest, 7 May 2001. Xinhua is releasing economic indicators of ten major Chinese regions on a quarterly or annual basis. The latest income situation for urban citizens and farmers in Henan Province.
Henan Farmers Protest Against Tax Collection
China News Digest, 8 January 2002. About 600 farmers in Fushan county of Henan province took to the streets last Friday to protest against the collection of overdue taxes. The farmers have been taken to court for owing taxes as far back as six years. The local government and court officials were trying to forcefully collect the back taxes.