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New WWW Site: South Korean Socialist Defence Campaign

Campaign to release South Korean socialists

By Peter Moore, 3 September 1995

New WWW Site: South Korean Socialist Defence Campaign

In October 1994 thirty-six socialists were arrested in South Korea and charged with taking part in political activities which in liberal democracies, such as South Korea claims to be, are perfectly legal.

The 36 socialists, members and supporters of the International Socialists of South Korea (ISSK) were arrested in police raids in Pusan and Seoul, South Korea, on October 15-16, 1994. They were charged with violations of the National Security Law (NSL), for being members of an "enemy-benefitting organization." Yet one of the ISSK's principles is "Neither Seoul nor Pyongyang", meaning that it opposes the undemocratic regimes in both Koreas.

The evidence against them includes allegations that some attended in London the annual "Marxism" conference, sponsored by the Socialist Workers Party of Great Britain. "Marxism" is freely attended by thousands of socialists from all over the world: among them members of the British parliament and even former cabinet ministers from the British Labour Party. Others are accused of "intervening in labor disputes", "inciting strikes", and organizing "solidarity campaigns." These are activities which are accepted as a normal feature of trade union activities around the world.

An international campaign has been launched to pressure the South Korean government to release these socialists. This campaign has already been endorsed by individuals and organizations in many countries. We urge you to support this campaign. More information on the trials and the campaign is now available on the WWW at:

Any moderators of web pages are encouraged to to cross reference the Campaign page to publicize the case as widely as possible (please inform me of any WWW links at:

Peter Moore

Peter Moore
University of Illinois at Chicago