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Date: Sun, 10 Aug 97 10:25:13 CDT
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Subject: Workers around the world: 8/14/97
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Students face mass arrests

Workers World, 14 August 1997

South Korean authorities are preparing to arrest more than 500 student leaders for refusing to renounce their membership in the Federation of Korean University Student Unions (Hanchongryon). Hundreds of students were already arrested in sweeps after mass demonstrations in early June against President Kim Young Sam.

Hanchongryon supports reunification with the socialist Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Under the south’s repressive National Security Law, advocating reunification is considered treasonous and carries severe prison sentences.

Prosecutors were set to apply for the arrest warrants on Aug. 1, just two weeks before Korean Liberation Day. The Aug. 15 holiday has been marked in the south by battles between pro-unification students and riot police.