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Date: Sat, 13 Dec 97 22:19:18 CST
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Organization: PACH
Subject: Korean KCTU Candidate Charges IMF With Buying Up Korea
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** Topic: Korean KCTU Candidate Charges IMF With Buying Up Korea **
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Current Situation of People’s Victory 21 for Democracy and Progress

People’s Victory 21, Issue 11, 8 December 1997

Hello, we are Solidarity Committee of the People’s Victory 21 for Democracy and Progress. There left only ten days bofore election. After economic crisis in Korea and induction of IMF’s rescue fund, there are national discussions about the solution. PV21 do our best to propose the genuine solution and make people’s alternative.

This newsletter is still very limited and in poor English. Furthermore, We didn’t know what to do and how to do it at first. Anyway this is our second attempt after General Strike this year. We want you to have interests in our struggles and election activities and we want to know your countries’ situation. Through these we can have practical solidarity with each other. If you have any questions, comments, or your struggle you want to inform us, don’t hesitate to send e-mail to us.

If there is anyone who want to receive this newsletter, send a e-mail to list@mail.sing-kr.org, on which you just type ’subscribe picis’. And you don’t want to sreceive it, just type ’unsubscribe picis’.

D-10 days, interim assessment

PV21 had an interim assessment 10 days before election. After enrollment, recogniton on Kwon has been raised. So has support for Kwon after IMF rescue fund. But, we couldn’t spread a formula of ‘stability of employment-Kwon Youngghil’ among voters.

As a result of this, escalation of support rate was stopped. So, we will focus on spreading the formula of ‘stability of employment-Kwon’ and using media for this.

Rejected the resolution on TV discussion

PV21 rejected the resolution of TV discussion committee that four minor candidates, excluding Big Three, would have TV discussion. The reason was that ‘committee’ in fact allowed beforehand election campaign and restrained the debaters as Big Three through the arbitrary criteria of 10% support of voters. Futhermore, committee violated the election laws that defined more than three times of TV discussion. committee also violated the broadcasting law that defined democratic opinion-making and public duty.

Press Release 3.3 billion US$’ additional raise of tax next year!—‘glass purse’ of common people is in the crisis of being broken

Government will raise tax more than 3.3$. Livelihood of wageearners and people, which is called ’glass purse’, will be worsen. If the national economy get bad and it is needed to collect more tax, it is natural to collect tax in advance from jaebols and upper class who made economic crisis. But the present tax plan is focusing on people. The raise of oil price, transportation, and tuition will press the livelihood of people. The high raise of the special consuption tax on refrigerator and TV is also anarchronic. Now, we have to make anti-tax campaign for the protection of ’glass purse’.