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Leader Kim Jong Il greets President Kim Dae Jung

KCNA, 13 June 2000

President Kim Dae Jung and his entourage arrived today by air to visit Pyongyang at his own request for historic Pyongyang meeting and inter-Korean summit. At Pyongyang Airport General Secretary Kim Jong Il warmly greeted President Kim Dae Jung.

The airport and streets of the capital city of Pyongyang were wrapped in an atmosphere of warm welcome. Citizens from all walks of life were present at the airport to give welcome to a delegation of the south side.

Kim Jong Il, together with Kim Dae Jung, reviewed a guard of honor of the Korean People Army three services. Kim Dae Jung made public a written arrival statement at the airport.

Over 600,000 citizens from all walks of life warmly welcomed Kim Dae Jung and his entourage with compatriotic feelings along the route extending tens of kilometers.

On the route women workers presented bunches of flowers to Kim Dae Jung and his wife. Kim Dae Jung and his entourage waved to Pyongyangites, deeply touched by their enthusiastic welcome.

Kim Jong Il went together with Kim Dae Jung to the state guest house where he had a conversation and posed for a picture with Kim Dae Jung and his suite members.