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Progressive Democratic Labor Party Inaugurated

Korea Times, 30 January 2000

The Democratic Labor Party, a political group composed of labor activists and progressives, was formally launched yesterday in an inauguration ceremony in Seoul with about 3,000 party members and foreign guests attending.

Journalist-turned-labor leader Kwon Young-gil was elected party president in the ceremony.

Our party, set up to represent the interests of the underprivileged, who account for 80 percent of society, will emerge triumphant in the 16th-term National Assembly elections to uphold the interests of workers and the underprivileged class and to realize political reform in a real sense, the party said in a statement at the ceremony held at the Weightlifting Gymnasium of the Olympic Park.

Some domestic and foreign delegations, including those from Taiwan, attended the ceremony to offer their congratulations to the new party. Progressive parties from across the world, including the French Socialist Party also sent cables to this occasion.

Female members of the party held a separate meeting prior to the event to adopt a statement calling for the increased role of women in politics.

The party managed to form 29 local chapter offices Saturday, the number required to form a political party under election-related laws.

The party is determined to win several Assembly seats in electoral districts in such industrial cities as Ulsan, Inchon and Changwon.