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Date: Mon, 9 Mar 98 17:54:57 CST
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Subject: Korean KCTU To Be Legalized
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KCTU to Be Legalized Next Month

Korea Times, 5 March 1998: 11:49

The non-registered Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) is set to refashion itself as a legal organization early next month, it was learned yesterday.

According to the Labor Ministry Wednesday, the progressive KCTU decided internally to legalize itself by submitting its application for establishment to the ministry after forming its next-term leadership within this week.

Problems that have been stumbling blocks to the legalization were almost settled. And we’re planning to submit an application as soon as early next month, a ranking KCTU official also said.

The KCTU’s planned submission means that the progressive Korea teachers and educational workers’ union, known as Chonkyojo, will be excluded from its member unions list. But it plans to maintain the cooperative relations with Chonkyojo, which also slated to be legalized in July next year.

On the KCTU’s legalization, a ranking ministry official said, there are no special problems for the ministry related to issuing an approval for its establishment.