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A gentleman’s agreement

Statement and comment, PICIS, 30 March 1998

PICIS Newsletter, no 11
Edited by Anna
Published by PICIS(Policy and Information Center for International Solidarity)
Mar. 30, Monday, 1998

Short Labor News

1. The FKTU Proposed a Gentleman’s Agreement to the KCTU

The FKTU’s central committee decided organizational merger for the great labor unity by 2002, and proposed a gentleman’s agreement, which focused on stoppage of reciprocal slander and prevention of secession from organization, to the KCTU as first step. The FKTU explained the background of this proposal, Before 2002, when plural union is permitted, It is needed that we should preclude division and disorder and work for the unity among labor forces, for the political, economic, and social status of union. The KCTU said to this proposal, we agree in principle, and it should be oriented in the course for demand and interest of 13 million workers.

Interview of KCFTU presidential candidates

KCTU presidential candidates,
interviewed by Workers’ Daily News
Translated by PICIS

On Mar 24, FKTU proposed a ’gentleman’s agreement’ and ’joint work for local election’ to KCTU. If you are elected president, How will you answer to this proposal?

Jung Gab-deuk: I don’t know the concrete meaning of the gentleman’s agreement. But if it is for the struggle for job security and peoples’ living rights, we will accept it. If, however, it means that KCTU cooperate with FKTU to prevent unions in FKTU from seceding from it, we don’t see the necessity of saying openly about it. It depends on workers’ own intention which umbrella organization each union choose, so we can’t decide on such problems on higher level. As for the local election, we will discuss it in a newly constructed deliberative organ.

Lee Gab-yong: In the FKTU’s proposal on gentleman’s agreement, there are terms on reciprocal approval, stoppage of slander, and prevention of secession. KCTU haven’t denied the existence of FKTU, and have criticized it sincerely for its democratic development. But, before a gentleman’s agreement, FKTU itself should reflect its corruption, bureaucratic nature, and past behavior, like bald support for ruling party, and have workers’ viewpoint and philosophy. As for the joint work for local election, KCTU should decide plan for the election first, and discuss joint work. So at present it is not easy to decide strategy and work.