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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 98 15:27:51 CDT
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Subject: Korean PICIS Newsletter 26 7/13/98 Unions Break From Tripartite
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Nowhere to Go Back: Workers To Fight

PICIS Newsletter, no. 26, 13 July 1998

The Two Biggest Labor Federations Secede from the Tripartite Commission; 70,000 Gathered in a Joint Rally to Block Madatory Restructuring

On July 10, the FKTU and the KCTU declared they would not participate in the tripartite commission until their demands, including continuance of employment in closed banks, are accepted. After the declaration, 70,000 members of the federations gathered in Yo-ui-do to hold ‘national workers’ rally for living rights’.

The two federations said, the government, not keeping its promise that restructuring of financial and public sectors would be negotiated in the tripartite commission, is restructuring unilaterally. They also said, we determine to take joint struggle for workers’ living rights and social reform. They determined

In this situation in which the way for labor movement is darkened, we gathered here to secure the fight for living rights, Park In-sang, leader of the FKTU, declared. Though we have some conflict and difference, let’s overcome them and fight jointly with strong solidarity, he also said.

Lee Kab-yong, leader of the KCTU, also said, we can’t desert the people’s desire for ’reform’ with a little difference between the two organizations ... We have to revive this country through dismantling chaebol which caused the crisis and total social reform.

The two federations’ joint rally was the first one since last year’s general strike. The number of participants which was far more than that of 1997 shows workers’ discontent with the government’ labor policy.

57,000 Members from 25 Unions Affiliated to the KMWF Is going to Launch Strikes

Over 50,000 workers from 25 unions such as those of Hyundai Motors, Daewoo Motors, and Daewoo Heavy Industry is going to launch strikes on July 14. On July 15 when the KCTU and the FKTU, mainly in financial and public sectors, will start strike, other unions such as Daewoo Shipbuilding will join the strike. The KMWF announced its position for strike, The government doesn’t keep its promise with the KCTU. It arrested a lot of labor activists relating to May Day rally and general strike during May 27-28. It also doesn’t try to solve the back pay problem and illegal redundancies. The Kia workers are suffering from unpaid wage(500 billion won).

Major demands of the KMWF’s July 14 strike

  1. 1. To implement the agreements on June 5.
    • To arrest the employers who did unfair labor practices.
    • To withdraw legal cases against labor and to release the prisoned workers.
    • To reinstate the dismissed workers including Sammi workers.
    • To withdraw the redundancies including that of Hyundai Motors.
    • To pay delayed wages including that of Kia Motors.
    • To construct central industrial labor-management council
  2. 2. To reduce working time and contract industrial job security pacts through industrial cemtral collective bargaining.
  3. 3. To accept the demands in collective bargaining