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Date: Tue, 28 Jul 98 11:52:52 CDT
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Subject: Korean Labor PICIS Newsletter July 27
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Date: 07/27 2:26 PM
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Two Major Labor Federations Joined in the Tripartite Commission Again

PICIS Newsletter, No. 27, Monday 27 July 1998

We join in the tripartite commission again for a total reform of Korean society and a just sharing of burden, announced the KCTU and the FKTU on July 27. The two major labor federations announced joint declaration that read ‘If the government don’t keep its agreement earnestly or make the commission an organ for unilateral notice, we will withdraw from it forever’. Meanwhile, the Korean Employers’ Federation, which withdrew from the commission saying the 8 agreements by the government and the KCTU excluded management, said it would join the commission partially by delegating staff to the special subcommittees of the commission.