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Hanchongryon in the news

Two news items, Korean News, 6 May 2002

Inaugural ceremony of 10th-term Hanchongryon held

Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA)—Over 8,000 students under the South Korean Federation of University Student Councils (Hanchongryon) held an inaugural ceremony of the 10th-term Hanchongryon at Seoul Industrial University on May 4, according to Seoul-based radio no.1. That day the authorities deployed mobilized police force of nine companies at the venue.

Opening of Hanchongryon May Festival called for

Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA)—A joint press conference was reportedly held in Seoul on May 2 with a view to peacefully opening the May festival of South Korean students and opposing the arrest and want list of deputies to Hanchongryon (South Korean Federation of University Student Councils). It was co-sponsored by the all public measure committee for Hanchongryon legal activities and Hanchongryon.

It was said at the press conference that the May festival includes the inaugural ceremony of a new term Hanchongryon as well as lecture meetings and multifarious cultural functions.

A press release called for a stop to such unreasonable suppression as branding Hanchongryon as an enemy-benefiting organization and restricting the freedom of ideology and conscience.

The press release declared that people from all walks of life would pool strength against the unreasonable suppression of Hanchongryon to conduct various practical activities such as a meeting of citizens and students, regional campaigns for withdrawal of branding as an enemy-benefiting organization, a hundred thousand signature campaign and a juridical supporting group’s appeal to the un human rights council.