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Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 23:25:53 -0500 (CDT)
From: Arm The Spirit <ats@locust.etext.org>
Subject: Korea: Launching Ceremony Of The 7th Hanchongryeon
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The Launching Ceremony Of Hanchongryeon Held At Kyunghee University

By Kim Seok-jong, Sungkyun Times, [7 June 1999]

The Launching Ceremony the 7th Hanchongryeon, the Federation of Korean University Student Associations, was held at Kyunghee University from May 28 to 30, with Yoon Ki-jin, President of the Myongji University chapter, presiding.

The Hanchongryeon ceremony hasn’t been held for two years because of pressure from the government and the press. At first, this ceremony was planed to be held at Yonsei University. But students couldn’t get into Yonsei University because of the complete blockade and illegal questioning by police, so the place was changed to Kyunghee University at 5 a.m. on May 28. Before the ceremony, Yoon Ki-jin had a press conference and said that we would hold a peaceful ceremony, demanding the withdrawl of the police. Though many students failed to get into Kyunghee University due to the police questioning, the 7th Hanchongryeon Launch Ceremony was held with about 1,000 students attending on the 29th.

The ceremony began with the introduction of the congratulator, Kang Hi-nam, the President of Fatherland Unification Pan-national Union, Oh Jong-ryul, the President of the National Union, Jung Kwang-hun, the President of the National Farmers Union, and Uh Yong-gak, a long-term political prisoner. They spoke out about the injustice of sentencing Hanchongryeon as a gathering benefiting the enemy, and they estimated the students who participated in the ceremony very highly. After that, the presidents of regional federations gave speeches. First, Oh Bong-seok, President of the Kangwon University chapter and Kangchongryeon, Federation of Student Associations in Kangwon Province, insisted on the withdrawal of the National Security Law and the sentence of enemy-benefit gathering on Hanchongryeong. And Kim Se-jung, President of Yeungnam University chapter and Taekyungchongryeon, Federation of Student Associations in Taegu-Kyungpook Province, insisted on the withdrawal of the Kim Dae-jung government. Finally, Im Sung-dae, President of the Kyungsung University chapter and PuKyungChongryeon, Federation of Student Associations in Pusan-Kyungnam Province, insisted on the tearing down of American’s maneuvers for war. And a performance was held expressing the colonial situation of Korea and the strife consciousness as a cultural event.

After the performance, the enthroning ceremony of the President started. Yoon Ki-jin, President of Hanchongryeon, stepped on stage with a flag band. He took the Hanchongryeon flag from the 6th persident and he announced officially the launch of the 7th Hanchongryeon and he read the launch declaration. In the declaration, Yoon Ki-jin announced that the Hanchongryeon would stand in the front of the anti-America independent movement and do their best to achieve the unification of the Korean peninsula. Later he also said that Hanchongryeon would struggle with other parties and work publicly.

The Hanchongryeon ceremony proceeded without any trouble with the police force. However, about 350 students were arrested in the process. Almost all of them were released, but one student was held in custody.