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Premeditated fascist repression of patriotic organization under fire

Korea News, 20 December 2003

Pyongyang, December 20 (KCNA)—Recently the Taegu Appelate court in South Korea sentenced to a heavy penalty Son Jun Hyok, chairman of the sixth-term South Korean federation of university student councils for the mere reason that he spearheaded rallies and demonstrations and manufactured literature benefiting the enemy. In the recent few months the South Korean prosecution and police authorities threw behind bars scores of deputies to the federation and students who took the lead in the movement for national reunification by invoking the security law. Rodong Sinmun today describes this as part of the premeditated fascist suppression of the federation.

The news analyst says:

The South Korean prosecution and police authorities still brand patriotic, pro-reunification federation as an enemy-benefiting organization and arrest without any warrant, detain and prosecute the deputies elected by the students of South Korea and other students. That is an anti-national, anti-reunification fascist act which can never be justified.

The suppression of the federation that works for achieving independent reunification by pooling efforts with the fellow countrymen through solidarity and discussions among them on reunification is a thrice-cursed crime that can be committed only by the fascist tyrants forsaken by the country and the nation. In fact, it is a challenge to the DPRK, a perfidy to the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and an act of throwing a wet blanket over the desire of the fellow countrymen for reunification.

The DPRK cannot remain a passive onlooker to the fascist suppression of the pro-reunification organizations launched by the South Korean authorities as part of anti-DPRK campaign.

It is a way out for them to take the road of independent reunification together with the people in the northern half of the country in the spirit of the declaration. But for them to try to do harm to fellow countrymen and stifle them, blocking the reunification in conspiracy with outsiders will only lead them to ruin.

The South Korean authorities should make clear their stand before the times and the nation.