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Blasphemy against Tangun under fire

Korean News, 15 December 2001

Pyongyang, December 15 (KCNA)—Some treacherous organizations of religionists in South Korea destroyed scores of statues of Tangun, insulting the ancestral father of the nation. This is a negation of the Korean nation and an unpardonable challenge and crime against all the Koreans who have valued its history and traditions. A spokesman for the Korean council of religionists declares this in a statement issued today bitterly denouncing this vandalism.

The statement goes on:

The vandalism committed by the Federation of Christians, the Council of Evangelism, the Forum of Churchmen, and the Council of Christian Leaders of South Korea clearly proves that they are nothing but pseudo organizations reduced to servants and political prostitutes of the conservative forces opposed to reunification and the DPRK.

This dastardly crime can be committed only by such judas-like fellows who betray even devotion for a few dollars.

The Korean council of religionists brands the anti-DPRK campaign launched by the ultra-right Christian organizations, recklessly insulting the ancestral father of the nation as an anti-national and anti-reunification crime and bitterly denounces it on behalf of all the religionists in the north.

The statement expressed the hope that all the believers and religious organizations in South Korea that love the nation and desire national reconciliation and unity will turn out as one in the campaign to denounce the ultra-right conservatives hell-bent only on acts against the nation and reunification in utter disregard of the ancestral father of the nation.