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From redlyn@loop.com Wed Jan 19 07:24:26 2000
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 01:00:12 -0600 (CST)
From: Lyn Gerry <redlyn@loop.com>
Subject: [EMMAS] Labor Cultural Center launched in Korea
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Date sent: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 01:07:43 +0900
From: Myoung Joon Kim <lnp89@chollian.net>
Subject: Urgent ! Labor Cultural Center launched in Korea
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Labor Cultural Center launched in Korea

By MJ Kim, Labor News Production, 19 January 2000

Dear friends

Korean labor cultural activists announce the big step for the progressive cultural movement ! Something which might not be unimaginable is now happening here in Korean labor movement as another experiment after establishing JinboNet (Korean progressive network).

The Korean Workers Center of Cultural Policy and Information will be launched this weekend on 23rd. This is an important big monumental step for history of Korean labor movement. The center which will be made with the massive participation of more than several thousands of labor activists including KCTU officials, rank and file workers, independent progressive cultural activists and labor performance groups will play a role as a center for the progressive labor culture movement including the various areas such as music, play, video, etc. As many of you already know, Korean cultural labor activists have always been in the center of the labor struggle for justice and democracy. Now they are trying to go further with this Center.

The Center will have five departments composed of Information, Distribution, Training, Policymaking and Publishing. And will play an active role to establish the favorable structure for the alternative labor culture and strengthen the democratic cultural and political struggle.

Labor News Production is one of the core member of this organization and we encourage you to send the solidarity message for the inauguration of this center. Please send a message with any length, any format to me and the message will be included in the pamphlet for the ceremony. (For the publication, please send this until Thursday, we are very sorry for asking you at the last minute due to the ongoing struggle here)

And if you can send short one minute video clip of solidarity message by internet (or if you can make this in your web site), we will show this during ceremony and also in the Labor Culture Exhibition which will be held all day long in the big hall at the same day.

More than several thousand workers and activists will read or see your message at the ceremony and the exhibition.

Please be part of the process of buliding the solidarity !

In solidarity

MJ Kim
Labor News Production

PS. One of the important role of the center will be international solidarity and there will be further information notice on the future activities of this Center soon.

Also, for further information, please contact me in the meantime before the international secretary is appointed.