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JCP Ichida raps corporate donations to political party

JPS, 02-030, 8 February 2001

TOKYO FEB 8 JPS—Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi on February 7 called for a ban on corporate donations to political parties, as the essential path of eliminating curruptions like the one involving the Liberal Democratic Party and KSD, the insurer foundation for smaller business owners.

Ichida was questioning the government in the House of Councilors Plenary Session. He said that insurance premiums KSD collected from small business owners have long been used as party dues for LDP members in name only, and the LDP itself has taken part in such a money-for-favor mechanism.

When Ichida in his questioning defined the LDP as the wholly contaminated with bribes from KSD, LDP Dietmembers asked in a fluster for blotting out Ichida's definition from the minutes. But Ichida argued that the definition is representing the people's voices of anger.

He suggested that the prohibition of all political donations from companies and organizations is the first step to rooting out corruptions.

Regarding the resignation of a cabinet minister in connection with KSD scandal, Ichida demanded that Prime Minister Mori Yoshiro take responsibility for his appointing the bribed minister.