Illogical argument

Korean News 26 February 1997

Pyongyang, February 26 (KCNA)—The Japanese reactionaries are reportedly making desperate efforts to keep up U.S. military bases in Japan, an outcome of the Cold War. They are persistently supporting 100,000 U.S. troops' stationing in the Asia-Pacific region including Japan, Which is insisted on by the United States, while openly opposing the cutback of U.S. bases in Japan.

The Japanese reactionaries take the acute situation of the Korean Peninsula as an excuse for their opposition to the reduction of U.S. bases in Japan. But, this is an unreasonable and foolish argument to cover up their sinister political and military purposes.

Japan is largely responsible for confrontation and tension on the Korean Peninsula.

In actuality, U.S. military bases in Japan are a factor straining the situation of the Korean Peninsula.

The Japanese reactionaries' opposition to the cutback of U.S. bases in Japan only reveals their ulterior intention to tighten the U.S.-Japan military alliance and stage a comeback to Korea.

The crimes of American soldiers in Okinawa sparked off strong anti-American sentiments among the Japanese people, who increasingly call for U.S. military bases' dismantlement. They also call for the repeal of the Japan-U.S. Security Pact.

Upset by it, the Japanese reactionaries are crying over the situation of the Korean Peninsula in a bid to cool down the people's struggle for cutback of U.S. military bases in Japan, divert elsewhere their attention and continue to take the adventurous line of building a military power. But this is a silly act.

The Japanese reactionaries should stop seeking ill-intentioned purposes backed by the U.S. military strategy and lend an ear to the just voice of the people.