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Workers' unity used to the full can change political course: Fuwa

Japan Press Service, 2 May 2000

TOKYO MAY 2 JPS—In the 71st May Day Central Rally, Japanese Communist Party Chair Tetsuzo Fuwa gave a solidarity speech, calling for worker unity to change political course.

Fuwa said this year's May Day rally has a special meaning in that it is immediately before the general election. The situation demands that workers give full play to their unity to change political course to one of caring for the people, he said.

Fuwa said there was no time like now with the highest unemployment rate leaving 3.49 million without jobs, when workers have to suffer from arbitrary corporate restructuring and unpaid overtime as an expression of ruthless capitalism without rules.

To foil government plans to deal with national debts of 6.45 trillion yen with tax increases, Fuwa called for a major change of politics and economic system to the one by which the people's rights and livelihood are defended.

On Japan's foreign relations and security policies, Fuwa said the Liberal Democratic Party's hawkish concept of regarding the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty as the pivot is contrary to the trend for peace in Asia and the rest of the world. He called for an independent foreign policy to be established for peace with increased importance on the Asian countries.

He called on the Japanese people to take the initiative in the movement to abolish nuclear weapons from the world. He said Japan, whose Constitution includes Article 9 based on self-examination of its war of aggression, should seek negotiated peace in any international issues.

Fuwa concluded his speech, saying, Let us do our utmost to give full play to the workers' unity all over the country, so that a government will be established to care for the people, and establish peace, democracy and sovereign independence.