The political action of the working class under President Kim Young-sam

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Labor groups vow to strike
From The Korea Herald, 20 November 1996. The unauthorized Korea Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and the Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) support a general strike in December because of the government's intended unilateral revision of labor laws.
Workers demand changes in labor law
From Workers World. 21 November 1996. At least 50,000 workers rallied in south Korea's capital to demand the repeal of harsh anti-labor laws. The rally was organized by the outlawed Korean Confederation of Trade Unions.
Unions Fear Labor-Reform Bill May Weaken Their Influence
By Jun Kwan-woo, Korea Herald, 9 December 1996. Protesting the government's new labor-reform bill, hundreds of union members belonging to the Korean Confederation of Trade Union march on a street in Ulsan, South Kyongsang Province, Saturday.
On the Strike Path Again
KCTU News, 12 September 1997. KCTU, at its extraordinary National Congress on September 5, adopted a special resolution to organise and wage a general strike in order to defend and advance job security and economic democratisation. Background of the new offensive. The policies that Will Wreak Social Catastrophe. The Economy—the New Battle Ground. Workers Not the Scapegoat, But the Force for Fundamental Change.