The history of the two Koreas as a whole, 1953–1996

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South Korea stopped US strike on North Korea: former president
Agence France Presse, Wednesday 24 May 2000. South Korea stopped US President Bill Clinton from launching an air strike against North Korea's nuclear facilities in June 1994. The Clinton government was preparing a war.
Seoul, Washington Threaten North Korea
The Militant, 21 October 1996. Seoul stepped up its threat of a full-scale military confrontation if the north Korean government in Pyongyang continues its armed provocation after a north Korean submarine ran aground off south Korea. South Korean troops pursued and killed most of the crew.
Spy stories
By Bradley Martin, Asia Times, 18 September 1999. The wreckage of the economy and starvation are why North Korea might look for a new set of policies—maybe even all or parts of the comprehensive package deal outlined in Washington. Another reason is that North seems to have begun to falter in the battle for the hearts and minds of South Koreans.