The era of Japanese imperial intervention, 1910–45

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Korea's heroic story: Fighting for independence since 1910
By Judi Cheng, Workers World, 29 January 1998. A useful overview of Korea under Japanese occupation and the conditions during the Republic (1945–53) that led to the Korean War.
Comfort Women Testify on Public Network; TV
The Korea Herald, 1 March 1997. Program Expected to Stir Up Interest in Forgotten Victims, Korean women were extensively employed in WWII Japanese military brothels. Issue of official Japanese admission of guilt.
Conscripted Labor in Japan
By Donald Smith, University of Washington, 27 September 1998. Cites works in English on Korean forced labor.
Convention No. 29: Forced Labour, 1930
ILO report, Observation 1998, Japan (Ratification: 1932), People's Korea, 17 March 1999. Gross human rights abuses and sexual abuse of Korean women detained in so-called military comfort stations during the Second World War and the years leading up to it, when the women confined were forced to provide sexual services to the Japanese military. There has been no compensation paid by the Japanese government and no apology based on legal responsibility towards the victims.