The social history of Korea as a whole

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Erotic photos burned after sex slave row
China Daily, 20 February 2004. The South Korean publisher behind a plan to sell erotic photographs depicting Asian sex slaves who served Japanese soldiers during World War Two has publicly burned the images in a bid to quell a firestorm of protests.
‘Sex Slaves’ Conference to Be Held in May
By Byun Duk-kun, The Korea Herald, 18 March 2004. An international conference of comfort women who were forced into sex slavery by the Japanese army during World War II will be held in Seoul in May.
[Former ‘comfort women’ organize]
Editorial in The Korea Herald, 19 March 2004. The small gatherings of a few former comfort women, and a similar number of supporters and sympathizers, have developed into professionally organized street rallies featuring famous human rights activists and liberal politicians from both home and abroad.