The history of the Japanese Communist Party (JCP)

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Japanese Communists Score Big Electoral Gains
By Jim Genova, People's Weekly World, 20 May 1995. The Japanese Communist Party (JCP) now holds more elected local government seats than any other political party in Japan.
JCP Members Win Lawsuit against TEPCO's Discrimination on Wages and Promotion
Japan Press Service, 26 December 1995. After 19 years, court finds that workers have a right to express political opinions.
Japanese Communist Party Wins 7 Million Votes and 26 Seats, 12%, of Popular Vote
Japan Press Service, 21 October 1996. Report of election return figures. This was the first general election following the introduction of the single-seat plus proportional representation election, the aim of which was to shut out the JCP from the Diet.
Constitution of the Japanese Communist Party
Revised on November 24, 2000 at JCP 22nd Congress and takes immediate effect.
Shii on communism, SDF, and Emperor system
By the Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party, 8 July 2003. JCP Chair Shii Kazuo answered questions on socialism/communism and JCP policy toward the Self-Defense Forces and the Emperor system on a TV talk show.