The history of working-class women in Japan

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The sad plight of Japanese women workers
By Maria Elena Hurtado, 4 September 1995. Super-exploitation of women's labor.
Part-time working women are fighting uphill battle
By Mieko Takenobu, Asahi Shimbun, 8 May 1996. More and more people are working for shorter hours but at more than one job. Behind this phenomenon are efforts by employers to reduce full-time staff and to replace them with part-timers, contract workers or temporary personnel.
Jobs, at a cost, for Japan's women
By Andrew Pollack, New York Times, 8 July 1997. New equal opportunity employment law will subject women to the same super-exploitation that men suffer.
Working women demand satisfaction
By Asuna Kojima, Mainichi Shimbun, 29 August 1999. Getting gratification from their work is a key element in female employees deciding whether to stay in their current jobs or hit the wanted ads.