The history of immigrant labor in Japan

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Poll: Nation in fear of foreign workers
Mainichi Shimbun, Tuesday 11 May 1999. More than 80 percent of Japanese support tight restrictions on allowing foreign workers into the country.
Japan launches new immigration law
By Jonathan Head, BBC News, Friday 18 February 2000. Under the new regulation, those who are caught after entering Japan illegally face possible criminal charges, causing alarm among the country's growing population of undocumented immigrants.
Trainee system a cover for using illegal workers
By Shin Hara, Japan Today, 21 July 2002. The trainee system is used as a cover for employing trainees to do simple labor at low wages. Despite a drastically declining labor population due to fewer births and increases in the number of elderly people, the government is not accepting simple laborers from abroad, while expanding the trainee system.