The history of health and nutrition in Japan

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Rash of TB Cases Worries Officials
By Suvendrini Kakuchi, IPS, 9 August 1999. Japan is grappling with a sudden tuberculosis alert, following an alarming rise in the number of patients detected with new strains of the life-threatening disease. The rise in the number of younger people with TB, such as university students and malnourished children in the cities as well as substance abusers.
Survey studies nation's smokers
By Takeshi Yamashina, Mainichi Shimbun, Sunday 14 November 1999. More than half of the nation's smokers are nicotine addicts who cannot kick the habit.
Japan's Voluntary Shut-Ins: Locked in Their Rooms, Young Men Shun Society
By Kathryn Tolbert, Washington Post, Wednesday 29 May 2002. As many as a million Japanese—most of them young men—are considered shut-ins, either literally cloistered in their rooms or refusing to work and avoiding all social contact for periods ranging from six months to more than 10 years.