The history of Shinto in Japan

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A Fresh Look at State Shinto (abstract)
By Wilbur M. Fridell, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 1976. Because of its extreme political sensitivity, the Japanese phenomenon retrospectively called State Shinto was the object of very little critical study during the State Shinto period itself (1868–1945). Too narrow a focus on the nationalistic roles of Shinto shrines.
Shinto and the Sacred Dimension of Nature (excerpt)
By Dr. Carmen Blacker, University of Cambridge, [2003]. Shinto can guide us to a new way of looking at the world around us. It can remind us that there is a holy dimension in natural objects and that space is not homogeneous, that there are indeed places imbued with the presence of something wholly other.
Kyoto shrine stops sales of CD-ROM amulet
Mainichi Shimbun, Tuesday 4 January 2000. Those who bought the CD-ROM can then enjoy a Shinto rite to exorcise evil spirits and recitations of Shinto prayers by animated priests. Objection was over the use of a deity for personal computers. (brief)