The contemporary political history of the Kurile Islands (Northern Territories)

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Territorial Imperative
Mainichi Shimbun, Opinion, Wednesday 7 August 2000. In September is an anticipated signing of a peace treaty between Russia and Japan. But the Liberal Democratic Party suggests that the treaty need not be include the Northern Territories dispute and that Japan might abrogate the Tokyo Declaration of 1993.
Bid to solve Kurile Islands issue
By John Helmer, The Straits Times, 4 November 2000. Japan's Foreign Minister Yohei Kono has met Russian President Vladimir Putin to seek new approaches to end a territorial dispute and secure a formal peace treaty. Russian sentiment is hostile towards Japanese efforts to recover the Kurile Islands. The deadline for resolution set in 1998 is next month.
Japan protests over fishing off Kurils
BBC World Service, Wednesday 1 August 2001. Japan has made a formal protest about South Korean fishing boats operating off the disputed Kuril islands, which is permitted by Russia but not by Japan (brief).
Japan warns Russia over islands
BBC World Service, Monday 20 August 2001. The dispute over Korean fishermen escalates. Koizumi write to Putin. Japan claims possession of the islands off the northern Japanese territory of Hokkaido, which were seized by the former Soviet Union in the last days of the Second World War. The islands are known as the Northern Territories in Japan, and as the Kurile Islands in Russia (brief).