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Date: Fri, 7 Mar 97 11:31:26 CST
From: rich@pencil (Rich Winkel)
Subject: Indigenous News from Siberia
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Exerpts from L'auravetl'an Information Bulletin #3, #4

Siberia: Education

Lauravetlan Information Bulletin (Moscow), No. 3 &, 5 March 1997

[The L'auravetl'an Information Center is a Moscow based training center for Siberian indigenous human rights activists. Its information bulletin is issued regularly in Russian and English. For contact please see below.]

The new school year begins in the region with the same old problems.

There are not enough qualified teachers. In village of Karatay they need a math teacher. In Amderma a few retired teachers are helping out as much as they can. In Ust-Kara the situation is the hardest.

In Nelmin-Nos there are 117 students and relatively no problems with teachers. But the school cafeteria burnt down long time ago and there are no money to build the new one. So the children will be without a hot meal. Also the school building itself is too small and too old. The administration is promising a new building for many years, but for now the children will have to study in two shifts. The boarding school in the region's center Narian-Mar was built in 1936. 70 Nenets children from the tundra villages will be studying here this year. Before the beginning of the school year the school is repaired and freshly painted. But the building is so old and dilapidated that no fixing can make it truly livable. To build a new school there are no money.

In Oksino the primary school, the secondary school, the cafeteria and the boarding house are all in the different houses at the opposite ends of the village. All buildings are very small and ancient. Each and everyone is in desperate need of repair. There is no gymnasium. In all of the buildings there is no adequate heating and electricity. During the winter an average temperature in class rooms is +14C. Teachers and students are forced to wear the overcoats throughout the day. Because of the weak electrical currency it is impossible to read or to write comfortably and children are straining their eyes which is not the best thing for their eyesight.

In village of Om the boarding school was especially important for the Nenets children from the tundra. Unfortunately on September 14, 1996 the building burnt down. 215 children of different ages are without a roof over their heads.

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