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Far-East Presidential Envoy meets with trade union leaders

RosBusiness Consulting, 14 November 2003

RBC, 14.11.2003, Khabarovsk 10:06:24. Presidential Envoy to the Far-East Federal District Konstantin Pulikovsky met with heads of Far Eastern trade unions. As the press service of the envoy reported, the leaders of the trade union movement discussed with him the implementation of trilateral agreements made in most regions among trade unions, employers and executive authorities. They also touched upon social and economic situation in the Far East of Russia. The participants of the meeting decided to hold a conference devoted to social partnership in the Far-East Federal District in the far-eastern city of Khabarovsk in January 2004.

As Pulikovsky stated, unfortunately, not in all regions and republics of the Far-East Federal District associations of trade unions have been created. He voiced his opinion that trade unions should be organized not only in every region but also at every company.