Khakassia miners on hunger strike for seventh day

Itar-Tass, 23 May 2004

ABAKAN, May 23 (Itar-Tass)—A total of 175 miners, including 50 women, continue a hunger strike at the private Yeniseiskaya colliery in the city of Chernogorsk, Khakassia Republic. It started seven days ago over months-long wage arrears, amounting to 6.8 million roubles.

Chairman of trade union local Alexander Atyukov told Tass on Sunday that there is no clarity, as before, when miners' demands are met. In the meantime, medics are apprehensive of the state of health of many strikers. More than 40 people requested medical aid on Saturday.

Miners were informed of mass sackings at the colliery.

According to Atyukov, many residents in Chernogorsk which had appeared over a century ago as a mining settlement, express solidarity with the job action at Yeniseiskaya. On Saturday, they received a letter of support, signed by 104 workers of the local Iskozh enterprise.