The working-class history of the Russian Far Eastern Territories

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The Upheaval in Russian Maritime Territory (Russian Far East)
Three items: Maritime Territory Governor Meets Protesting Miners, by Yevgenia Lents, Itar-Tass, 16 May 1997; Maritime Territory's Situation ‘Extremely Serious,’ Moscow Mayak Radio Network, 1400 GMT 16 May 1997; and Chernomyrdin Demands Urgent Action on Far East Crisis, by Gennadiy Yezhov, Itar-Tass, 19 May 1997.
The Upheaval in Kuzbass
Three items: Kuzbass Medical Workers Affected by Nonpayments, by Dmitriy Sizov, NTV Television ‘Segodnya’ program, 20 May 1997; Social Tension Rising in Kuzbass after Railway Merger, by Yuriy Kotlyarov, Moscow Trud, 20 May 1997; and Miners' Protests in Sakhalin, Kuzbass, Rostov Noted; ‘Miners Lie Down. Some on Rails, Others in Mines,’ by Aleksandr Isayev and Fedor Yemchenko, Moscow Trud, 21 May 1997.
Second Day of Protest Begins in Russian Far East
Agence France Presse, 8 October 1998. Communist predictions that nationwide protests would continue were being borne out at least in part on Thursday morning, as mass demonstrations over wage arrears resumed in Russia's Far East.
Gloomy future for Russia's miners
By Sarah Rainsford, BBC News, 29 October 2003. Methane gas exploded in a mine in Partizansk, in the Russian Far East, killing five men. The statistics of mining deaths are giving serious cause for concern.