The social history of the Siberian Federal District

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Indigenous reindeer herders under siege by oil industry
Report from a fact-finding-mission to Khanty-Mansi autonomous region, Institute for Ecology and Action Anthropology, 17 March 1997. In the Soviet era, Khanty yielded to political pressure for development of the oil industry in West Siberia; now, while they have gained a political say, they are overwhelmed by the economic pressure for a destructive expansion of that industry.
Khanty peoples deny permission to auction traditional lands for oil
Drillbits & Tailings 21 June 1997. The Khanty peoples of the Khanty-Mansiysk region in North Priobskoye on the Ob River in Siberia have rejected a proposal made in March by the regional government to auction off their traditional lands for oil development.
Stalin's Jewish Enclave In Siberia Stages Revival
By Julius Strauss in Birobidjan, The Telegraph (UK), 17 August 2004. In 1934 Stalin declared the area the Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidjan and persuaded tens of thousands of poor Jews from Ukraine and Belarus to move there as farmers. Local Jews have effected a remarkable revival, fuelled by a thriving economy, money from foreign Jewish groups and a return from Israel of disillusioned migrants.