The history of Feudal Europe

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Averroes 800th anniversary celebrated, Arabs awaken Europe from Dark Ages
Arabic, 6 August 1998. On Saturday the French Sorbonne university held celebrations marking the eight hundredth anniversary of the death of renowned Arab philosopher Averroes (Ibn Rushd), who was born in Cordoba in 1126 AD and died in Morocco in 1199 AD.
Review of Mark U. Edwards, Printing, propaganda, and Martin Luther
Reviewed by Susan R. Boettcher, 25 October 1995. Those who remember the readability and subtle arguments of Edward's earlier works will not be disappointed. He begins by analyzing the results of H.J. Koehler's _Tuebingen Flugschriften_ project (1500-1530) and discusses two major controversies: the Ozment/Moeller debate over the reasons for the appeal of the Reformation, and the issue of the role and importance of print in the spread of the Reformation.
New book reopens old arguments about slave raids on Europe
By Rory Carroll, The Guardian, Thursday 11 March 2004. US scholar claims more than 1m Southern Europeans were captured by African pirates between 1530 and 1780.
The Hanseatic League and its Decline
By Prof. Dr. Rainer Postel, Bundeswehr Universität. A paper read on 20 November, 1996, at Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT, and subsequently revised.