The retrospective history of modern (capitalist) Europe

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A need for the best of Europe: Continental Drift
By Carlos Fuentes, Le Monde diplomatique, November 2003. Early in the period of global development Europe had similar aims to those who are now attempting to institute the global market. What was needed then and now is a rulebook for a new reality.
The Protocols of Zion
By Jared Israel, Editor, Emperor's Clothes, 26 November 2002. You may not have heard of The Protocols of Zion, or you may have heard that it is a hoax. Or perhaps you have heard people say there is a Jewish plot to rule the world and The Protocols of Zion is in some way involved.
Democracy softens forces of change: Inventing national identity
By Anne-Marie Thiesse, 17 June 1999. Just as the maturing European Union is beginning to supersede the nation-state, the banner of nationalism is being raised all over the continent.